& The Bihari Shepherds

On a snowy March 28th 2015 (Saturday) Joe passed away, ending an era in the history of the German Shepherd Dog World. He now goes to rest beside his beloved Maria (June 2006). We miss both of you.

He wanted to redo this site and take the focus off his breeding program and turn it to a tool for both new people entering into breeding and showing as well as the more experienced exhibitor. I'm not sure that he could really split the two. Because of his interest and devotion to his breeding program he gainned experience as an exhibitor, trainer, Judge, leader, teacher, mentor, and FRIEND to many.

Below are three of Joe's favorite photos, and on the far right is Joe in his trophy room.

Joe was a President of the Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club for many years and a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

I will keep his site going as he asked for as long as I can. There was much more that he wanted up here but he didn't get time to send to me, maybe others will send their stories & photo's of his life to me. If they do I will update the site as the information becomes available. Rest in peace my friend. JMT ( joanmtuthill@gmail.com )